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Join us for breakfast!

Parents:  Did you know your child can eat breakfast at school at no charge?  Universal breakfast is served every day in your child's school cafeteria.  It's a healthy way to start your child's day off right and it saves you time and money.      




Welcome to a new and exciting school year. The goal of the School Nutrition Program is to promote nutrition balanced with great taste. School Nutrition employees are dedicated to the children of Grainger County and committed to provide safe and healthy meals which contributes to a positive learning environment and improved education outcomes.


Free and/or Reduced meals will be provided to students if a Family Application is returned to the school and the application meets the Income Eligibility Guidelines. To apply for Free and Reduced-Price School Meals, a Family Application must be completed and signed by an adult household member and returned to the school.   One application per family with names of ALL household members, ALL earnings, and student information (name, school, grade, etc.) is required. Meals may be paid for in advance.


For information on the USDA Summer Feeding Program or to find summer meal locations, click here:


Menus are printed and sent home every month or can be found by going to Students are offered what is on the menu plus fresh fruits and vegetables every day.   Menus may be changed due to weather, delivery problems, field trips, etc.


Meal prices are as follows:

·         Breakfast: No Charge for Students

·         Lunch: Grades, PK-3 - $1.75; Grades 4-8 - $2.00; Grades 9-12 - $2.25

·         Reduced Prices for all grades are: Lunch - $.40 if

        application is approved reduced

·         Visitor (adult) - $4.00, Visitor (child) - $1.75

·         Holiday Meal for Visitor -$6.00


If you have questions, please call 865-828-3775. Have a great school year. We look forward to serving you.



Amy Orrick

Amy Orrick

School Nutrition Program Coordinator


USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer.