Welcome to Grainger County Schools


Together with teachers and staff members, we have completed another academic school year and I thank faculty, staff, community members, and the school board for their hard work and dedication which made this past year a success.

I encourage you to take time during the summer months to expand upon the academic foundation your student has developed this school year. Although the school doors are officially closed for the summer, I encourage you to keep your student’s mind open and active during the break. The internet is full of great ideas and resources to help assure that students remain actively involved during the summer months. Among other things, I encourage you to read to and with your student, include your student in daily conversation, involve him/her in household chores, explore the world around you and discuss your adventures, and enjoy the long days of summer because the new school year will be here very shortly.

As students are enjoying the warm days of summer, my staff and I are already making preparations to assure that the upcoming school year will be characterized by great accomplishment and achievement. We will be busy for August and look forward to the opportunity another school year will offer for staff members to TEACH, for students to LEARN, and for all to SUCCEED. 


Edwin Jarnagin

Director of Schools