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1)  Textbook Review:

Grainger County School System will adopt Math Textbooks for use during the 2015-2021 school years.

Public review of textbooks being considered for adoption will be on display Wednesday, April 1, 2015 from 3:30-6:00 p.m.  Textbooks for grades K-8 can be viewed at Rutledge Middle School and grades 9-12 can be viewed at Grainger High School.

Comments are welcomed. 

2)  Inclement Weather and days missed

We appreciate the Tennessee Department of Education granting our system a waiver of three days missed due to inclement weather.  

We have missed fifteen days total due to inclement weather:

* Ten inclement weather days built into our calendar 

* Three days waived by the TN Department of Education

* Two days to make up - (Made up March 13 and March 16) 

E, Jarnagin 



Spring is synonymous with the concept of rebirth and reawakening. It is always exciting to watch nature unveil the new signs of life all around us. Personally, I always welcome the first daffodil blooms of the season, knowing that those bright yellow buds offer the promise of warmer weather! 

This changing season breathes new life into schools as well. The upcoming months are extremely important for students and teachers as we prepare for the final push of the school year with end-of-the-year projects, field trips, state testing, award ceremonies, and graduations all on the horizon.

As you enjoy this season of renewal and rejuvenation, just remember that we are experiencing a revitalized emphasis and a renewed focus to work every day to assure that all Grainger County Students are prepared for their final opportunity of the 14-15 school year to showcase their accomplishments and knowledge (TEST DATES for Elementary and High School will be May 4-8, 2015). Our hope is that parents will help prepare students- physically, mentally, and emotionally- for these activities as well. We have a limited amount of time remaining in this school year; I encourage you to recommit to finishing the year strong with a renewed purpose of solid attendance and high achievement. Let us face the months ahead with a transformed resolve to allow educators to TEACH with rigor and relevance so that students will LEARN the skills and knowledge needed to SUCCEED in becoming community, college, and career ready.

Think Spring,

Edwin Jarnagin

Director of Schools