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 Congratulations Kyle Roach!

 ORAU awards $25,000 Extreme Classroom Makeover to Rutledge Middle School


 Kyle Roach, RMS Math Teacher


Oak Ridge, TN – Kyle Roach, seventh-grade math teacher at Rutledge Middle School, believes that every student should be taught the necessary skills to empower them as they pursue a higher education. Roach’s goal of having the necessary tools to help empower students and excite them about math-related subjects was realized today as ORAU President Andy Page presented Roach with a $25,000 technology makeover during a surprise assembly announcement. The funding is part of ORAU’s annual Extreme Classroom Makeover competition, now in its ninth year.

“Our nation’s teachers have the difficult, but important, task of educating the next generation STEM workforce,” explained ORAU President and CEO Andy Page. “ORAU believes that through programs like the Extreme Classroom Makeover, we can help standout teachers like Mr. Roach by providing them with necessary materials to engage and excite students in the areas of science, engineering, technology and math.”

Congratulations to Mr. Kyle Roach from Grainger County Schools!


Edwin Jarnagin

Director of Schools