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Welcome to Grainger County Schools



When you serve as Director of Schools in a community 30 miles northeast of The University of Tennessee, excitement always fills the air as “football time in Tennessee” arrives. This is the time of year when the head football coach gets lots of media attention - whether positive or negative - and local residents wait with excitement and anticipation each time the team takes the field. Over the past year, Coach Butch Jones has focused on the concept of “… do[ing] it right and build[ing] it brick by brick and mak[ing] sure the foundation is set in stone.” As educators, we share this same type of commitment to doing it right, brick by brick, until a strong foundation is set.

Although teachers and school systems in general are directly responsible for the education of students, we build upon every brick that has been added previously to the foundation. Parents, guardians, and caretakers all have and will continue to play an integral part in doing it right and building brick by brick to assure a student’s success in school and beyond. As the new school year gets underway, I would like to encourage you to remain as actively involved in your student’s educational experience as possible. Please check your school’s website and your child’s backpack on a regular basis. Teachers will be sending home valuable information throughout the year including important dates to remember and suggestions for things you can do to continue to help strengthen the educational foundation of your student.

Every school encounter in every grade level is a figurative brick added to a child’s foundation. At all schools in Grainger County, we are committed to working hard daily to strengthen and further build upon the unique past experiences of each student. Our ultimate goal is to build a strong foundation so that all students can leave our programs knowing they possess the tools necessary to continue to “do it right” and add additional “bricks” to a “solid foundation” regardless of where life leads them.

I hope you will join me and my staff as we combine our efforts to assure that Grainger County students will succeed at the highest level of achievement possible. Together, we will work to allow educators to TEACH with rigor and relevance so that students will LEARN the skills and knowledge needed to SUCCEED in becoming community, college, and career ready.

Have a great year,

Edwin Jarnagin

Director of Schools