Welcome to Grainger County Schools


It's hard to believe that fall is here.  The 2017-2018 school year is moving along very quickly.  The first nine week grading period will soon come to an end.

Throughout the school year, educators will be seeking parental support in countless ways, and we hope that you are willing to work alongside us as we strive to further strengthen the academic foundation for your student so that he/she will be able to experience great success in the future.

On behalf of Grainger County Schools, I would like to thank the community in advance for the support you will show to our students, staff, and educational system as a whole. Mary Jean LeTendre said, “America’s future walks through the doors of our schools each day.” I always find the first few weeks of school some of the most exciting weeks of the year as we get a glimpse of what the 2017-2018 school year holds.

I look forward to the opportunity that this school year will offer for staff members to TEACH, for students to LEARN, and for all to SUCCEED.

Have fun and enjoy,

Edwin Jarnagin

Director of Schools