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In 2009, the Grainger County School Board approved the opening of Grainger Academy.  Grainger Academy was/is designed to meet the needs of high school students who are potential drop-outs and/or may not meet graduation requirements.

Grainger Academy, with the assistance of school administration at Grainger and Washburn High Schools, select students who have the greatest need for enrollments first.  Grainger Academy provides individual instruction and computer-based learning in a small class environment.  Students will earn the state minimum requirements in order to receive a diploma.  Students will be allowed to report to respective high schools for graduation but will be designated in the program as Grainger Academy graduates.

Grainger Academy provides an academic alternative for the students of Grainger and Washburn High Schools who are at risk of not earning sufficient credits for graduation.  Grainger Academy is an excellent opportunity for students who have not met state standards to achieve academic success and reach for higher educational endeavors.


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Grainger Academy