Mr. Edwin Jarnagin 865-828-3611
Director of Schools
Dr. James Atkins 865-828-3611
Technology, Testing and Attendance Email Dr. James Atkins
Mr. Kip Combs 865-828-3611
Discipline and Special Programs Email Mr. Kip Combs
Mrs. Vicki Farrar 865-828-5291
RTTT / FTTT Email Mrs. Vicki Farrar
Ms. Linda Hodges 865-828-3611
Curriculum and Federal Programs Email Ms. Linda Hodges
Mr. Keith Lamb 865-828-3611
Facilities and Transportation Email Mr. Keith Lamb
Ms. Lisa Setsor 865-828-5436
Special Education Email Ms. Lisa Setsor
Mr. C. H. Dalton 865-828-4265
Maintenance Email Mr. C. H. Dalton