Welcome to Grainger County Schools

Families are our children's first teachers. You teach them to crawl, to walk, to run. You teach them to dream. When your children start school, your job as teachers doesn't end- it changes. We become partners in your children's education. And it's through this partnership that you help your children reach their full potential- the potential you've dreamed of since the moment they were born.

 You play a vital role in assuring your student has a successful school year. When parents value education and show it is important through their partnership with the school, students excel. We all work together to assure that staff members are equipped to TEACH, students are prepared to LEARN, and all are more likely to SUCCEED


Online Enrollment

New to Grainger County Schools?

If you need to enroll a student in a Grainger County School, we now offer online enrollment.  Please click here and choose the appropriate school(s) online enrollment form.  After you have competed the form,  you may contact the school(s) for additional information on completing the enrollment process.  If you are unsure of what school your child will attend, please call the Grainger County Board of Education office at 865-828-3611.  Online enrollment forms can also be found on the schools' website under the School Info drop down menu.