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Grainger County's pre-school program strives to provide four year old children with essential skills for success in kindergarten and beyond.

Each site serves twenty (20) students.  Classroom staff understands that children develop at individual rates.  This understanding is reflected in the daily lesson plans of each classroom teacher, in small group and individual instruction, and in the use of materials that are appropriate for the different developmental levels.

Who is Eligible?

All children who will turn four years old by August 15 could qualify for a Pre-K program. Anyone may apply, regardless of income. A Pre-K teacher or school administrator can answer any questions or concerns.

Students who have diagnosed/suspected disabilities are great candidates for most Pre-K programs. In fact, collaboration with our Special Education Department helps specialize plans that best fit your child. Grainger County also has a 619 program located at Rutledge Primary School. This program is designed for  3 year old children who may have learning disabilities, physical disabilities, or other impairments that affect a child's education.


Grainger County Schools Pre-K Handbook



Grainger County Schools currently has four Pre-K sites:

Bean Station Elementary School - Dwayne Brabson, Principal

Joppa Elementary School - Pam Roach, Principal

Rutledge Primary School - April Sell, Principal

Washburn School, Daniel Bishop, Principal